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The NORDUnet 2017 tender for Juniper Support and Supply Services:

The scope of this procedure is to secure contracts for Juniper Support and Supply Services, for the Nordic NREN's.

NORDUnet is inviting potential suppliers of Juniper Support and Supply Services to bid for a framework contract according to the requirements put forward.
The procedure is carried out by NORDUnet on behalf of the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) as listed below

  • NORDUnet
  • DeIC - the Danish e-Infrastructure Cooperation (Denmark)
  • UNINETT AS - (Norway)

The Tender is published under OJEU TED publication number: 2017/S 135-277918.

Below you will find the tender process and relevant documents as they are release during the process. Tender reply deadline is September 15, 2017.

Any questions regarding this tender to must be send to with < NORDUnet JSS tender 2017> in the subject field.

Anonymized answers to tender questions can be found on the NORDUnet 2017 tender Juniper Support and Supply Q&As


NORDUnet and the Nordic NREN’s have existing IP networks based on Juniper equipment. This procurement is designed to enable NORDUnet and the Nordic NRENs to purchase Juniper Supply and Support Services within their respective countries and in the case of NORDUnet any country where NORDUnet currently operate Juniper equipment.

NRENs generally provide “in-country” network and other e-infrastructure services to Research and Education (R&E) users, and in some instances to government departments.

NORDUnet operates a global IP network to support the Nordic NRENs.

The tender has a lot structure where each organisation has got their own specific lot information relating to the currently installed base, Inventory and support requirements, in addition to the generic information and requirements. The lot specific information can be found in separate files available for download.

  • LOT1 – NORDUnet
  • LOT2 – DeIC (Denmark)
  • LOT3 – UNINETT (Norway)

The Supply of additional equipment is limited to 20% of the installed base over 2 years, as seen in relation to each lot.

There will be awarded one contract per lot. Bidders can bid for one or more lots.

 Documents for download

It is recommended that files are downloaded from the NORDUnet box download folder

Support and Supply documents download folder

Or- they can be downloaded below. (subject to browser support)

-Tender Documents

NORDUnet 2017 tender for Juniper Support and Supply Services Vol 1 - Invite to Tender and Instructions.pdf

NORDUnet 2017 tender for Juniper Support and Supply Services Vol 2 - Statement of Requirements.pdf

NORDUnet Framework Agreement Terms & Conditions Vol 3.pdf

LOT1 - NORDUnet Inventory.xlsx

LOT2 - DeIC Inventory.xlsx

LOT3 - UNINETT Inventory.xlsx

-Evaluation and Contract award




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